Personalized Coaching, Practical Tools, and Support to Help Women Cultivate Clarity, Boost Confidence, and Take Action Towards Achieving Their Goals and Creating a More Fulfilling Life.


I work with amazing women like you to help you achieve your goals, tap into your potential, and live a life filled with purpose and fulfillment. Whether you're looking to start a new business, advance in your career, or simply find more joy and balance in your life, I'm here to support you every step of the way.



Make positive changes faster with action-oriented life coaching tools and strategies! I’ll help you to:

•Take stock of where you are and identify what your goals are

•Brainstorm action ideas to get unstuck

•Create awesome daily success habits

•Do more of what you LOVE and less of what you HATE!

•Achieve more balance, fulfillment and peace


Struggling with your current career or trying to find the right one? I’ll help you take actions to:

•Discover what's truly important to you in your work

•Empower yourself in your current work situation

•Identify your strengths & weaknesses

•See patterns and threads that lead you to a new or happier career

•Utilize job search, resume, cover letter and interview resources and strategies


Many people work themselves extremely hard in pursuit of success, status, and simply juggling multiple priorities – ignoring what their bodies and minds are telling them. I will:

•Help you find the calm you are looking for

•Assess your current levels of balance & self care

•Explore what your unique self-care needs are

•Help you learn to set boundaries


Hello there!

Sasha is a Certified Life Coach based in The Greater Toronto Area. Her holistic approach brings clarity, direction, and positive support for her clients in all aspects of their lives. By identifying where growth is desired and needed, setting goals and holding accountability, clients will reach their highest levels of success and fulfillment.

Before becoming a Certified Life Coach Sasha spent many years working in Education, Career Services & Human Resources. The most rewarding parts of her job were where she got to impact peoples lives through education, training and coaching. She loved facilitating and being a part of people’s “aha” and breakthrough moments, as well as seeing them take actions to achieve their goals.

In her personal life Sasha is the proud mother of teenage girls, an advocate for holistic health and well-being, an avid tea drinker and tropical beach lover!

Sasha’s coaching methods and techniques can help any person looking to make a positive change in their life. Having experienced feeling “stuck”, periods of burnout and stress, as well moments of anxiety herself, she has a deep empathy for the challenges that others face and an appreciation for the strides they make in moving forward. She has built and continues to build a variety of ways to help enrich and add value to her clients’ lives.


How it works...

Schedule a Free 1:1

Schedule a free Discovery Session to explore your goals for coaching, any challenges, and desired results. Get to know Sasha as she gets to know you. At the end of the session, decide the best way to move forward based on fit, circumstances, and strategy.

Choose a Coaching Package

Sasha will work with you based on the discussion from your Discovery Session to come up with the best Coaching Package to fit your needs. If you’re looking for long-term results and see the value of investing in yourself, Sasha would love to help you!

Reach Your Goals

Work with Sasha for your agreed upon length of time and work to achieve the goals you set out to. Review and evaluate results. Celebrate wins and recover from setbacks. Set a plan for moving forward. Discuss future work together as needed or wanted.


An Individual Coaching Session

A session can focus on Life, Relationship, or Career. A single session will only allow us to scratch the surface of the area of your life that you would like coaching on. After an initial session, we can discuss how to best move forward based on your circumstances and goals.


3 Session Package

This package will allow us to go into more depth into the key areas that you would like coaching on, allow us to evaluate progress and reflect on what has been learned and achieved throughout the process.


6 Session Package

Bigger goals may have bigger challenges and obstacles. We can break your major goals into smaller chunks, identify the obstacles, take action, reflect and give you tools to move forward and maintain the momentum we have achieved during coaching.



What is the difference between life coaching and therapy or counselling?

Life coaching is for people whose lives are stable, but they feel unhappy or frustrated because their career, relationships or health are not where they could be, or they feel they are not living the life they were meant for. It’s for people who want to take their lives to the next level or change them in some way.

Whereas a therapist is for those whose suffering is interfering with their ability to function day-to-day. A therapist will help you create coping strategies, or in the case of CBT (cognitive behavioural therapy) work on changing the destructive or irrational thought patterns causing your symptoms.

Therapy may involve looking into your past experiences or childhood to discover what might be the root cause of the problem. Therapy can help you make sense of the past, and deal with any trauma.

There are some cases where you could see a therapist or a life coach. For example, if you’re suffering from overwhelm, stress or lack of work/life balance. If you’re generally unhappy or feel stuck in life, a coach or a therapist could help.

What happens in a Coaching Session?

For each new coaching client we’ll start with a comprehensive Discovery Session. This allows me to develop a better understanding of you, your life stories, your underlying operating system, and your goals for coaching in a short period of time. Over the course of the Coaching relationship, I will ask powerful questions, assign individualized homework, using exercises and processes, and evaluate individualized metrics to help you tap into your unique potential and achieve your goals. The process is invigorating and you will begin to find clarity, take powerful new actions and see positive changes in multiple areas of your life.

While we may focus our work in a very targeted way, my coaching approach and lens is holistic, integrative and systemic. We know that a change you make in one area often influences and impacts another and can have a domino effect, positively impacting many areas of your life. Then, the result is real, lasting change!

How many coaching sessions will I need?

You can have as many or as few coaching sessions as you like. Some people hire a coach once every few months, some people have a session once a week. Meeting once a week offers time for reflection and application of learning between sessions, while maintaining the momentum of our work together. This offers great results, however, it is entirely up to you to decide depending on your goals and what you want to achieve.

Where does Coaching take place?

Much of my coaching takes place online over Skype or Zoom or on the phone, as I coach people from around the world. Online coaching has been one of the most effective and convenient ways for individuals to take time out from their busy schedules. For people living in the Greater Toronto area, who really prefer to meet in-person, arrangements can be made.

How much does it cost?

Most people I see believe that coaching is an investment in themselves. Coaching costs can vary depending on what is required by the client. The cost of having a life coach is a very small price to pay for the life-changing experience you’ll have. We can work together to figure out what will work for you in terms of number of sessions needed and price. Please see service offerings .

Resources For You!

Daily Gratitude Journal

Daily Success Habits Worksheet

She's A Goal Getter: A Woman's Success Journal & Planner

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